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Mother Day

Source: https://www.scrumdiddlyumptious.com/10-mothers-day-desserts/

Mother's Day is almost upon us, which is great because Mom deserves to be spoiled every once in a while. Coming up with great gift ideas is never easy, but it's especially hard when you're trying to think of something for such a special person. If your mom isn't all that interested in lavish gifts and material things, then maybe this is the year to turn to the one thing everyone loves: dessert. We've compiled 10 of the best recipes to celebrate Mother's Day, because after all, food is love!

1. Strawberry Dutch Baby Pancake

Did you know that the Dutch baby pancake isn't even Dutch? That's right — it's actually American and was invented in Seattle, Washington! It's derived from the German version of pancakes, known as pfannkuchen, which are much thinner than an American-style pancake, but still thicker than a French-style crêpe. In any case, we're just happy someone created this tasty dish! Get the recipe for the Strawberry Dutch Baby Pancake.

Strawberry Dutch Baby Pancake

2.–3. Love Heart Cake & Heart Lollipops

Everyone knows the best way to a person's heart is through their stomach. With this in mind, there's no better Mother's Day gift than to give your mama a culinary love token — like either of these adorable baked creations. We haven't listed the most important ingredient, but it goes without saying, these lovely recipes should be baked with a whole lotta love! Get the recipe for the Love Heart Cake & Heart Lollipops.

Love Heart Cake & Heart Lollipops

4. Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake

Do you love strawberry shortcake? Who doesn’t?! And we bet you love strawberry cheesecake just as much, if not more. Both are great, and even more so when you can whip them up without turning on the oven, which is exactly what this deliciously cool recipe has to offer. Another added bonus: now you can finally make use of that opened pack of cookies you have hanging around your kitchen. Get the recipe for the Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake.

Strawberry Shortcake Cheesecake

5. Raspberry Cake Gift

The great thing about this recipe is that you get 2 for the price of 1 — a fruity raspberry cake plus fresh homemade jam, both of which you can give as a sweet and unique gift to your sweet toothed mom. But that's assuming you can resist the urge to bite into these delicacies before you have a chance to dish them out. Get the recipe for the Raspberry Cake Gift.

Raspberry Cake Gift

6. Strawberry Jello Heart Roll

Show Mom just how much you love her this Mother's Day with a special piece of your heart – this is sure to bring a smile to her face. Serve with strawberries or chocolate sauce for an added touch and your sweet strawberry Mother's Day roll with an extra dose of love is ready to roll! Get the recipe for the Strawberry Jello Heart Roll.

Strawberry Jello Heart Roll

7. Neapolitan Rose Cake

Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry have been good friends since the dawn of time, and this trio of flavors makes for a heavenly combination, not just in Neapolitan ice cream, but also in the following floral creation. With this recipe, you can set a buttercream cake decorated with roses on the table, and it'll be so beautiful that you won't even need any other decorations! Get the recipe for the Neapolitan Rose Cake.

Neapolitan Rose Cake

8. Strawberry Shortcake Surprise

Strawberry season is the best time of the year! And what better way to make use of it than with an adorable strawberry shortcake with a twist? A shortcake cookie house filled with a fluffy layer of cake, homemade vanilla pudding, and topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream is the way to go. And your mom will think you spent hours in the kitchen on this dessert! Get the recipe for the Strawberry Shortcake Surprise.

Strawberry Shortcake Surprise

9. Apple Rose Tart

When it comes to cakes, pies, tarts, and pastries, don't just let the taste win you over — go for something that looks special too. This apple rose tart not only tastes great, it's also an eye-catching treat that you can make yourself from the pastry to the filling. Every step will be worth it when you see the breathtakingly beautiful result! Get the recipe for the Apple Rose Tart.

Apple Rose Tart

10. Strawberry Tiramisu Cake

No one in their right mind would say no to a tasty tiramisu, and as tasty as the dish may be, sometimes we want something extra special. With the help of a springform pan, this is easily achieved. Just add some fresh strawberries on top and you'll have created a cute and fruity spin on a classic that anyone would love for dessert! Get the recipe for the Strawberry Tiramisu Cake.

Strawberry Tiramisu Cake

Your mom is going to flip out when you present her with one of these sweet treats for Mother's Day this year! No matter which recipe you decide to make, you're guaranteed to put a smile on her face. And if we're being honest, it's a lot less painful than having the word "MOM" tattooed across your arm.

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